The strength of any pub­lic trans­port sys­tem or mode is its abil­ity to move all pas­sen­gers en masse ‘quickly’, ‘safely’ and ‘con­ve­niently’. The land­mark, award-win­ning North Amer­i­can MCI D45 CRT LE high-floor coach breaks all the de­sign rules to achieve al


Equal­ity, egal­ity, eq­uity – all pas­sen­gers on pub­lic trans­port de­serve it. The North Amer­i­can MCI D45 CRT LE high-floor coach’s in­no­va­tive de­sign to meet those prin­ci­ples rocks. Fabian Cot­ter re­ports.

Did you know Canada in­vented the first wheel­chair-ac­ces­si­ble bus in 1947? Did you also know Canada in­vented – aside from peanut but­ter, garbage bags, the egg car­ton and the paint roller – the first mo­torised wheel­chair in 1952? If you did then there’s no need to thank ABC mag­a­zine when you win your lo­cal pub or church trivia night be­cause those ques­tions had popped up. Yet if you didn’t then, you know … feel free to share your win­nings with us – or at least grab us a cheeky drink at the bar later.

Based in Canada but now a US sub­sidiary of New Flyer In­dus­tries Inc. (NFI Group) – the largest transit bus and mo­tor coach man­u­fac­turer and parts dis­trib­u­tor in North Amer­ica – Mo­tor Coach In­dus­tries (MCI) has per­haps truly hon­oured wheelchairus­ing com­muters world­wide – or at least on its own con­ti­nent for now – by de­sign­ing a lux­ury high-floor coach that has a unique vestibule area for cus­tomers to com­fort­ably travel in.

It truly rev­o­lu­tionises the abil­ity for wheel­chair users to greater im­bue them­selves with a sense of equal­ity and free­dom as pas­sen­gers, as they can quickly and con­ve­niently ac­cess and alight from the coach all on their own.

In that ca­pac­ity, the MCI D45 CRT LE ar­guably of­fers them, as com­muters, a sense of pub­lic trans­port ‘eq­uity’ the world has never seen – well in terms of global bus prod­uct at least. And while world bus-de­sign mar­kets are at times to­tally dif­fer­ent and moulded and re­stricted by a raft of seem­ingly wildly idio­syn­cratic lo­calised laws and reg­u­la­tions, such in­ge­nious use of space and the think­ing be­hind why it needed to be achieved is em­i­nently wor­thy of cel­e­bra­tion re­gard­less of where you are on the planet.

So here it is ... in ABC mag­a­zine ... for all the world to see…

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