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Five ba­bies were born on the same day. Can you work out which baby be­longs to each mother, and what their weight and birth times were? Read the clues and place a tick in an in­ter­sect­ing box if you have any pos­i­tive in­for­ma­tion and use a cross if you have any def­i­nite neg­a­tive in­for­ma­tion. For ex­am­ple, you learn that the baby born at 13:00 weighed 3.0 kg, so we have placed some ticks and crosses in the grid. Us­ing this method, you should be able to fill in the smaller grid. Work out the name of Jo­hanna’s baby, which is the coloured area of the smaller grid. This is the win­ning word. For your chance to win, en­ter on­line at thewest.com.au/puz­zles.


1 Dean was born at 13:00 and weighed 3.0 kg. 2 The name Al­ice chose for her baby is an ana­gram of her own name. 3 Scar­let was 0.2 kg heav­ier than Noah. 4 The last baby to be born was the heav­i­est. 5 Jemima’s baby, Noah, was born at 08:00, which was eleven and a half hours be­fore Celia. 6 Me­gan’s baby was born in the morn­ing. 7 Lyn’s baby does not share his name with a colour.

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