Cloth trim gets nod over leather in Her Majesty’s Bent­ley

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Ewan Kennedy

Watch­ing the royal wed­ding and the ar­rival of the Queen in her spe­cial Bent­ley re­minded me of an piece I wrote sev­eral years ago. It is re­peated here:

One rea­son for writ­ing a col­umn voic­ing my opin­ions is find out what other peo­ple are think­ing.

Many agree with what I write, some dis­agree and say so, at times in quite a ve­he­ment man­ner, all of which is good fun.

But I must ad­mit to be­ing sur­prised when I did an opin­ion piece some time back say­ing I did not like leather trim in cars. I found it too hot or too cold, too sticky, too slip­pery — and any­thing with that many “toos” in its de­scrip­tion does not make sense to my way of think­ing.

Peo­ple tut-tut­ted, even shook their heads at me, say­ing I sim­ply did not un­der­stand what leather trim was all about. That the smell and feel and the am­bi­ence cre­ated by leather made it a very spe­cial ma­te­rial that en­hanced any car.

Though I made the point that I dearly loved the leather lounge suite in my home, I sim­ply did not see the sense of leather in a car.

I could find no one to agree with my point of view. Un­til now.

Chat­ting to some of the chiefs at Bent­ley Mo­tors the other day the sub­ject of Her Majesty the Queen’s Bent­ley came up — you may re­mem­ber the spe­cially com­mis­sioned hand-crafted limou­sine that was given to the Queen by the Bri­tish Mo­tor In­dus­try for her Golden Ju­bilee in 2002.

The Queen and her hus­band spent quite a bit of per­sonal time talk­ing to Bent­ley dur­ing the de­sign stages of the grand car. And, guess what? She de­clined the of­fer of leather trim, pre­fer­ring the com­fort of cloth up­hol­stery.

So, take that, all you doubters of my san­ity. If Her Majesty shares my point of view, I must be right.

The Queen’s spe­cially built Bent­ley limou­sine, which has a cloth trim.

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