Roos a ‘se­ri­ous threat’ to planes

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Kan­ga­roo culling has been pro­posed at a num­ber of sites across Den­mark fol­low­ing safety con­cerns at the town’s air­port.

Shire of Den­mark chief ex­ec­u­tive Bill Parker said near-miss in­ci­dents in­volv­ing kan­ga­roos at the air­port has led the Shire to or­gan­ise short-term culling.

“Kan­ga­roos pose a se­ri­ous threat to air­craft, par­tic­u­larly when land­ing in the late af­ter­noon,” he said.

“Given the risks, our im­me­di­ate op­tions are very lim­ited to a cull.

“Longer term, the Shire is in­ves­ti­gat­ing im­prov­ing fenc­ing at the air­port.”

Mean­while, WA Col­lege of Agri­cul­ture prin­ci­pal Kevin Os­borne said the col­lege op­er­a­tion, lo­cated south of the air­port, has also been af­fected by grow­ing kan­ga­roo num­bers.

“We are notic­ing in­creased lev­els of dam­age to our con­served fod­der pad­docks, dam­age to fences and a re­duc­tion in the amount of food on of­fer to our live­stock,” he said.

The col­lege is now work­ing with the Shire to man­age grow­ing kan­ga­roo num­bers by propos­ing a cull.

They have ob­tained all nec­es­sary ap­provals from the ap­pro­pri­ate agency with a li­cence that ex­pires in April next year.

The pro­posed cull will be car­ried out by a li­censed kan­ga­roo shooter who is al­lowed to shoot up to 20 kan­ga­roos.

Great South­ern wildlife carer Gayle Up­son said she ex­pected the Shire to con­duct the ap­pro­pri­ate mea­sure and prop­erly count the num­ber of kan­ga­roos in the area be­fore start­ing to cull.

“Since the drought that we had ear­lier this year, nat­u­rally you will see more kan­ga­roos now be­cause they are starv­ing.

“So I just want to make sure that the Shire has con­ducted a proper count­ing and choose to re­sort to culling only when it’s nec­es­sary.”

Mr Parker said re­cent sea­sons have been favourable for kan­ga­roo re­pro­duc­tion in the re­gion, with vast pop­u­la­tions seen mov­ing through pas­tures.

The most re­cent statis­tics from the Depart­ment of Bio­di­ver­sity, Con­ser­va­tion and At­trac­tions es­ti­mate 3,734,775 red and western grey kan­ga­roos in WA.

Pic­ture: Ian Munro

The pro­posed cull in Den­mark would al­low a li­censed shooter to shoot up to 20 kan­ga­roos.

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