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Teenager accused of two burglaries in Tambellup


Tambellup police have charged a 17-year-old youth in relation to recent burglaries and are urging the public to ensure their homes are secure.

Tambellup police officer in charge Sergeant Josh Humble said a burglary was reported on February 19 at the Tambellup General Store.

Then on February 23, an elderly Tambellup resident reported a burglary at her home on Garrity Street.

Sgt Humble said the property was not locked at the time of the alleged burglary and several personal items were taken.

Three days later, on February 26, another home was burgled on the Tambellup West Road.

Sgt Humble said the alleged perpetrato­r forced their way through the window at the rear of the house. “They took a number of property items out of the house and the shed — just threw them out and took what they wanted,” he alleged.

As a result of inquiries, police interviewe­d and charged a youth on Monday with two counts of possessing stolen or unlawfully obtained property.

Sgt Humble said officers had also managed to recover some of the items allegedly taken from the homes.

“Please make sure your premises is secure — ensure, to start with, your doors are locked and windows are locked,” he said.

“And if you can, increase the measures by installing security screens and CCTV. Some of the CCTV systems these days are quite affordable and they’re both a great preventati­ve measure and could capture some key evidence to send us in the right direction.”

 ?? Picture: Tambellup police ?? Items allegedly thrown out of one of the homes.
Picture: Tambellup police Items allegedly thrown out of one of the homes.

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