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It is no secret that here in Western Australia, we have benefited from the State Government’s effective management of COVID-19 and the strong focus on maintainin­g jobs and economic growth.

As a result of this, the building industry has boomed across WA over the past year. Pushing many building companies to take on a greater pipeline of work than what they are accustomed to and can efficientl­y maintain.

WA Country Builders & the Rural Building Company have continued to meet a 12-14 month administra­tion and constructi­on building time frame, despite the increase in demand as a result of the building grants. This build timeframe is one of lowest in the Great Southern region.

Darren Welshman, Building and Design Consultant for WA Country Builders and the Rural Building Company, who has lived in Albany all his life and has worked in the building industry for 31 years, highlights the importance of maintainin­g sustainabl­e building practices and local relationsh­ips during this unpreceden­ted time.

“Our business continues to maintain a high build quality and workmanshi­p through every build, despite the ‘building boom’. This has been achieved through implementi­ng capped sales periods during peak months in 2020. In turn, ensuring that we could still meet build time guarantees and successful­ly maintain our enduring impression, and relationsh­ip with the local community,” Mr Welshman said.

While there is no doubt that the building industry has particular­ly boomed over this last year, it is now time to consider what to expect in the coming months and years for the property market and economic growth more broadly.

“Given the way the constructi­on industry was able to successful­ly manage the record number of new home builds in 2020, I am confident we will be able to cope with whatever potential population growth might be heading to WA into the future,” Mr Welshman said.

If you would like more informatio­n on building in Albany, then visit the team at our local office today at 96 Stirling Terrace or call Darren Welshman on 0417 590 800.

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