Snow Fit­ness

Manuela shows us some of her favourite Snow Fit­ness ex­er­cises to get you ready for your time on the snow, whether it’s a week­end, a week, a few snow trips or the en­tire snow sea­son.

Alpine News - - Interschools - By MANUELA BERCHTOLD - Ski & Snow­board Aus­tralia rep­re­sen­ta­tive and per­sonal trainer

Try these body weight ex­er­cises that will have you ready for your next snow ex­pe­ri­ence.

1 Push Up - and Ro­tate

NONE of us want to think we will fall on our skis or snow­boards, how­ever, lets face it, fall­ing is part of it.

This is a great ex­er­cise to not only pre­pare your body to take a fall, but also to safely and ef­fec­tively get back up. Take push up po­si­tion on your knees or toes Keep your body mov­ing as a strong unit Take a push up and as you push up, ro­tate to one side Re­peat on the other side Keep your core ac­ti­vated and strong

2 Squat - Tuck Chal­lenge

THIS works all the main leg mus­cles (quads, ham­strings and glutes) at the same time.

On snow, we spend a lot of time in this deep squat po­si­tion so get­ting used to it and work­ing through this range of mo­tions is a must. Place feet hip width apart Take a squat po­si­tion at a depth that chal­lenges you Ac­ti­vate your core and look just ahead Hold it and feel the burn in all the right places.

3 Lunge – Static

LUNGES re­ally are one of the over­all best leg and butt strength­en­ing, shap­ing and ton­ing ex­er­cises you can do. Again, us­ing sev­eral mus­cles and joints at the same time, Lunges re­ally do de­liver fast re­sults. Take the feet long and wide for sta­bil­ity and ease of move­ment Lift the back heel to be on the ball of the back foot Be sure to keep the knees in line with the big toes and keep the front knee above the front an­kle Lunge straight down un­til knees are both bent at 90 de­grees and then re­turn to start Com­plete en­tire set on one leg, feel the burn in the mus­cles and then re­peat on the other side

4 Squat - Hold Low - Side Leg Tap

WORK­ING in a squat range that chal­lenges you will strengthen you in all the right places to get you out of trou­ble in a tricky spot on your skis or snow­board. Place feet hip width or just slightly wider Take a squat po­si­tion at a depth that chal­lenges you Stay low with your core ac­ti­vated and your chest as tall as pos­si­ble Rock body weight onto one leg as the other leg reaches out to the side to tap Re­peat on the other side

Manuela Berchtold is a dual Win­ter Olympian who re­tired from be­ing a com­pet­i­tive mogul skier 10 years ago to set up High Coun­try Fit­ness in Jind­abyne where she grew up. Last year Manuela launched ‘Snow Fit­ness’,Fitne an on-line train­ing sys­tem wherew...

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