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Inspiratio­n takes flight


THE stunning landscapes and natural beauty of Falls Creek has inspired artists and residents alike for countless years.

In recent times the landscape has been inspiring the work of a number of prolific artists as part of the Falls Creek Resort Management Board’s Artist in Residence program.

It is a long term plan to reinvigora­te yearround cultural activity on the mountain.

The program has attracted diverse artists such as Dr Mary Rosengren and Dore Stockhause­n.

Among those most recently working on the mountain are NSW sound, video and projection artist Vic McEwan, and painter, sculptor, installati­on and sound artist Hirosayu Tsuri ( also known as Twoone), who divides his time between Melbourne and Berlin.

Hirosayu was approached by Falls Creek last year and said much of his work and research on the mountain has been devoted to the area’s annual natural visitor, the Bogong moth.

“During my research on Falls Creek native species, the Bogong moth was a stand out for me,” he said, dwarfed by the large moth mural he has decorated on one of the resort’s water storage tanks.

“The visual and textural nature ( of moths) made it a fantastic piece to work on,” he said, adding that he was struck by the fact the moth’s name roughly translates from the Indigenous language as ‘ Big Fella’.

“The name ‘ Big Fella’ could not be better suited,” he said of the artwork on the water tank.

“It is the Indigenous meaning of Bogong and holds the village ‘ water’ life line.”

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