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Rutherglen Estates Red Shiraz Durif 2015

Around $15


THERE are some things you just can’t get anywhere else but in the big city.

If you’re craving Chinese Roast Duck, you can either spend two days trying to recreate the magnificen­t dish that took one culture centuries to perfect, or head to Chinatown and pick one up.

Truth is it would probably be quicker to take an eight hour return drive than it would be to dunk, marinate, hang and blow dry the bird before it even gets near the oven, all with no guarantee of crispy-skinned success.

That’s why any time a member of our family has to venture to the big smoke, they are under orders to return with one of those delicious, drool-inducing delights in the eski.

They come up a treat after just a few minutes in a pre-heated oven, and when you’ve got the real deal, there’s nothing like having a glass of Rutherglen Estates Red on the side.

This easy to drink, great value blend of mostly Shiraz with a bit of Durif has a deep, dark colour with an attractive garnet halo that glows in the evening light.

It has a ripe, blackberry aroma with a deliciousl­y earthy edge that truly whets the appetite.

The wine itself is rich and super juicy in the mouth, velvety with plum and blackberry fruit, a touch of chocolate richness capped off with pepper spice.

The combinatio­n of the luscious wine with sweet, fatty duck flesh is a quacker.

Visit the cellar door in Rutherglen or go to www. rutherglen­

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