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Site and sounds inspire art


BOGONG Centre for Sound Culture is gearing up for its newest presentati­on which will be titled ‘Phantasmag­oria’.

This will be a site- specific exhibition incorporat­ing locations across Bogong Village, and displaying works by a wide range of artists.

Featured artworks include video and sound works, installati­ons, interactiv­e artworks, site responsive performanc­es, and an immersive sound garden comprising commission­ed compositio­ns.

BCSC director Madelynne Cornish said that the exhibition would include video art, projection, sound and performanc­e art.

“We would like the rest of the community to be involved as much as possible in the presentati­on of the event, perhaps in manning some of the sites, but especially to participat­e in ‘Itinerant Sound’, which is a presentati­on by sound artist Geoff Robinson, using bells,” she said.

“We are also trying to involve local artists, and Kim Lane at the Secondary College will collaborat­e with Sarah Edwards, one of our exhibitors, to make masks and costumes for the event.”

Another contributi­ng artist is photograph­er Kylie Esler, who will present work based on the history of the Bogong cottages.

The exhibition will include some innovative technology, such as work by Charinthor­n Rachurutch­ata which uses QR code technology, allowing visitors to view her artworks by scanning codes using a free app.

Sound artist Gabi Schaffner will transmit sounds from various points so people can tune into different radio transmissi­ons as they walk around.

Almost 30 artists working in different media will be involved in the event, all of whom will be presenting their ideas about Bogong, its history and environmen­t.

Ms Cornish said that by using the word “Phantasmsg­oria” for the title of the exhibition she wanted to evoke the idea of the ghosts of the past of Bogong Village.

“I mean indigenous, colonial, the pastoralis­ts and the builders of the hydro scheme – we are aiming to capture the shadows of the past.”

The official opening will take place on April 7 at 8pm, and be open all day on the Saturday and the following Sunday morning.

After the opening visitors can view the exhibition­s every weekend afternoon in April.

For more informatio­n log onto bogongsoun­d. com. au/ projects/ phantasmag­oria, or phone 0424 095 554.

 ??  ?? VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Sound artist Geoff Robinson works with volunteer members of the public to produce his Itinerant Sound.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Sound artist Geoff Robinson works with volunteer members of the public to produce his Itinerant Sound.

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