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Saints’ waiting game


“We could push it back to Sunday, September 26, which is the day after AFL grand final, or the following Sunday, October 3.

“We’ve told them (clubs) don’t book holidays until at least after the first or second week of October.”

Millar did note the O&M would work heavily in conjunctio­n with other sporting codes and councils before making a decision. Wales sees end in sight Myrtleford Saints Football Netball Club president Ian Wales echoed Simpson’s frustratio­n, and said time was quickly running out for the season to be wrapped up.

“The feeling around the club at the moment is pretty frustrated, like it is everywhere else - it’s not just for footy clubs, it’s the whole population in general,” Wales said.

“I know from their point of view, they (O&M board) are pretty bullish about getting some sort of result, and I’m not too sure about how far they’ll push that.

“From my point of view, I think it’s gotten to a point where everyone’s just about had enough.

“In our case, we can’t get our best team on the ground anyway, and with the lack of training, I think it’s a pretty tainted finish, if we get one.”

Wales cited travel restrictio­ns on many of Myrtleford’s Melbourneb­ased players, as well as some clubs’ good fortunes in the way restrictio­ns were applied as reasons for the cancellati­on of the season.

“It’s definitely favoured the Alburys of the league, just because of where Albury is and where Wangaratta is and where Myrtleford is,” he said.

“It’s not that you blame Albury or anyone in particular, it’s just the way things are.

“I think the season should just basically be called off with no winner.

“When it’s so compromise­d, I can’t understand why there has to be a winner, a premier.”

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