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Exactly a month ago, Bitcoin registered its last all-time high at over $42,000 on 8 January. It was a market top at the end of a strong bull rally.

Now, after a month of price consolidat­ion, Bitcoin has breached its old ATH to register a new one yet again, with the cryptocurr­ency climbing to $47,156 on 8 February.

Surging by ~20%, the crypto-asset rallied to touch the aforementi­oned ATH, with Bitcoin, at press time, holding a position at $46,385. It was one of those rallies where multiple factors played their part, leading to a fundamenta­lly-solid price hike.

Before the price ascendency took place, however, Glassnode founder Rafael SchultzeKr­aft was quick to highlight a key difference between the bullish top back in 2017 and the current top on BTC’s price charts.

Schultze-Kraft revealed that the Net Transfer Volume from/to exchanges over the 200-Moving Average was at its lowest since January 2013.

What did this entail? Well, it meant that the net volume going away from exchanges was never before seen at this level, underlinin­g the long-term plan of a Bitcoin investor. In line with the above sentiment, Glassnode’s latest Insights report also suggested that Bitcoin’s liquid supply is continuing to dry out in the space.

Before the price surge, over 78% of the supply was either lost or hodled off from exchanges. Simply put, less than 4 million Bitcoins are currently available for future institutio­nal and retail investors.

The report in question also suggested that miners’ net position change was appearing to neutralize in the market. Over the past week, figures have suggested that miners are beginning to reduce their BTC positions, while also taking profits off their holdings.

However, as can be observed from the chart, before Bitcoin rose to its new ATH, miners net position had already started to retrace, indicating that the selling pressure was already coming to an end.

While a strong foundation was already laid out for Bitcoin to build on, Tesla’s impact in generating said bullish momentum underlines how important market sentiment remains in the space.

Over the past week, Dogecoin was the benefactor of positive sentiment following uninterrup­ted support from Elon Musk.

While Dogecoin carries next to nothing in terms of technologi­cal prowess, the market came along to pump the crypto-asset on Musk’s unsolicite­d command.

The unsurprisi­ng bit, however, was that Tesla had already invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in January 2021. And, as soon as the developmen­t came to light, the market picked up, pushing the cryptocurr­ency up the charts.

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