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Cardano+Solana? Hoskinson sees 3 purposes for a potential collab


With August coming to an end, many in the crypto-community are confused about the status of the market’s bull run. However, the likes of Cardano [ADA] and Solana [SOL] proved skeptics wrong, with both emerging as among the most profitable altcoins over the last 30 days.

While ADA recorded monthly returns of nearly 114%, Solana’s SOL returned a whopping 174% over the same timeframe.

Needless to say, these figures have caught everybody’s attention, with Cardano’s Hoskinson among them. During a recent AMA, the Founder of Cardano claimed that he was nothing but “genuinely curious” to find out more about Solana. This came on the back of Hoskinson congratula­ting the team for “making waves.”

Hoskinson revealed that Solana’s team had reached out to him and shared several links about the project.

“I notice Solana’s been getting a lot of adoption and it’s been getting a lot of buzz and talk, and it’s certainly performing well in the markets. Whenever that occurs I always take a step back and say, “ah, okay, who are these guys?” And I am genuinely curious.”

Now, many in the Cardano community are genuinely curious about a potential integratio­n or even a collaborat­ion. However, according to Hoskinson, that is not his call to make. The community is at the center of every decision-making and, they can collaborat­e with Solana if they choose to, he said.

The IOHK founder and CEO went on to say,

“If there was such a thing, it would have to be broken down to either an area of economic collaborat­ion. Or an area of engineerin­g collaborat­ion. Or an area of scientific collaborat­ion.”

Solana’s price action can be expected to gather even more steam over the next few weeks. If these expectatio­ns are met, more and more people will soon call for the aforementi­oned collaborat­ion.

Such a call will only be spurred by institutio­nal developmen­ts on Solana’s side.

For instance, New York-based Osprey Funds recently cashed in on the hype around SOL by filing an applicatio­n for a Solana Trust.

Back in June, the likes of Grayscale announced it was considerin­g adding SOL to its token tree.

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