SteelSeries Ri­val 600

A Ri­val with no real ri­val.

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Bal­ance, as we all know, is vi­tally im­por­tant. With­out it, we wouldn’t have Seg­way polo, gi­ant Jenga, or stand­ing up. Does the world of mous­ing re­ally need a big em­pha­sis on bal­ance, though? Does it need 256 pos­si­ble lev­els of side-to­side bal­ance ad­just­ment?

Science has not ad­vanced far enough to tell, but that’s what SteelSeries is of­fer­ing with the Ri­val 600: a series of eight 4g weights, with eight pos­si­ble po­si­tions to place them, four on each lat­eral edge of the mouse. Pull them all out, and the mouse is light and skippy; stuff them all be­low the de­tach­able side pan­els, and it’s, pre­dictably, 32g heav­ier, with a weight­ier glide.

We pre­ferred the Ri­val 600 fully loaded, be­cause it’s not only made for bal­ance; it’s meant to be ul­tra­ac­cu­rate, too. Track­ing er­ror when even slightly lifted is ba­si­cally zero, thanks to the com­bi­na­tion of the same TrueMove 3 sen­sor we’ve seen in SteelSeries’s Sen­sei mouse and a sec­ondary lift sen­sor, which can be set to trig­ger at a cus­tom height. It’s re­mark­able and a lit­tle un­nerv­ing, but there’s no cur­sor drift what­so­ever. If you end up point­ing at some­thing you didn’t want to point at, that’s on you.

SteelSeries has not for­got­ten the aes­thetic side of things. There’s a good swathe of RGB light­ing, com­pat­i­ble with SteelSeries’s ex­cel­lent Prism light­ing sys­tem. . Ev­ery­thing’s beau­ti­fully coated in that grease­mag­net soft plas­tic fin­ish that tends to wear away and get sticky af­ter a few years’ solid use (so bear that in mind). The ca­ble’s not braided, but it’s re­place­able, so we won’t dock it any points.

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