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It’s the big ques­tion that’s con­tin­u­ally asked: is liq­uid­cool­ing worth it? At least on a cus­tom scale? Well, that de­pends. You’ll def­i­nitely get lower tem­per­a­tures by tak­ing ad­van­tage of that ther­mal heat dis­pens­ing method, but your hard­ware won’t run any faster be­cause of it. The one big ad­van­tage is a re­duc­tion in over­all noise, thanks to the op­por­tu­nity to run your fans more slowly. How­ever, the cost is huge in con­trast to more tra­di­tional cooling meth­ods — for a re­ally good-look­ing loop, you can ex­pect to spend any­where be­tween $400 to $600 at a min­i­mum. Com­pare that to a well-armed AIO, and it im­me­di­ately be­comes less at­trac­tive.

So, is it worth it? You need to con­sider your avail­able bud­get and how much you covet si­lence and cooling. If the an­swer is “a lot”, then liq­uid cooling is for you. If not, a good old air tower or AIO with some quiet fans may be a cheaper so­lu­tion in­stead.

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