Fix­ing boot is­sues

We’ve all been there: the panic, the ten­ta­tive push of the On but­ton, the si­lence of zero boot. Here’s a few quick so­lu­tions.

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TIP 1 It’s prob­a­bly mem­ory

The num­ber of times we’ve fixed a boot is­sue due to mem­ory is stag­ger­ing. A good way to di­ag­nose these conundrums is via the on-board moth­er­board de­bug code dis­play. It typ­i­cally dis­plays a num­ber, de­pend­ing on the run­ning state of your moth­er­board. If noth­ing ap­pears on your screen, and ev­ery­thing’s plugged in cor­rectly, check the BIOS de­bug code for your first hint; 90 per­cent of the time, it will say it can’t de­tect the mem­ory. Your best bet? Re­seat the mem­ory. If that doesn’t work, re­seat the pro­ces­sor. And if that doesn’t work, try mov­ing your mem­ory to the ad­di­tional mem­ory slots. If you’re still not hav­ing any luck, it’s time to work out whether your mem­ory is DOA. To do this, you’ll want to try each stick sep­a­rately. And if you’re still not hav­ing any luck, it’s prob­a­bly time to RMA those suck­ers.

TIP 2 RMA & re­turns

There’s a rea­son we sug­gest go­ing with named brands: war­ranty. EVGA’s war­ranties and cus­tomer ser­vice are le­gendary, same goes for Cor­sair. If you’ve got an is­sue, raise a ticket with the cus­tomer sup­port team and, given the ev­i­dence, it will likely ex­change your part for a fresh one. So, if com­mon sense, the man­ual, or Google fails you, RMAing might be the way to go.

TIP 3 Fresh in­stall Win­dows

We’ve also seen our fair share of OS-re­lated is­sues, es­pe­cially when trans­fer­ring old hard drives to new sys­tems. It can be any­thing from driver con­flicts (al­ways unin­stall AMD/Nvidia driv­ers be­fore swap­ping to the com­peti­tors cards), to cor­rupt OS files, to pro­gram con­flicts. Ul­ti­mately, we al­ways rec­om­mend you do a com­pletely fresh in­stall of Win­dows on to your SSD — not a re­fresh, not a re­set, but a com­pletely fresh in­stall.

TIP 3 Ca­bles, ca­bles, ca­bles

We’ve all done it — for­got­ten to plug in the PCIe power, not at­tached front panel con­nec­tors, had a cheap Dis­playPort ca­ble…. You can guar­an­tee all of us here have prob­a­bly built a sys­tem and missed plug­ging a ca­ble in at least once. Dis­play con­nec­tion ca­bles, in par­tic­u­lar, are chron­i­cally bad for this — the num­ber of crappy Dis­playPort and HDMI ca­bles we’ve han­dled over the years is hor­rific. In short, make sure ev­ery­thing’s plugged in where it needs to be and your sys­tem hasn’t gone to sleep in the process.

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