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This won’t work un­less you’ve in­stalled the Fall Cre­ators Up­date. To check, open the Start menu and choose ‘Set­tings > Sys­tem > About’ to check your ver­sion num­ber un­der ‘Win­dows spec­i­fi­ca­tions’. If you’re run­ning the right ver­sion, go back to the Start menu and start typ­ing “Peo­ple” in the Taskbar search box. When the search re­sults ap­pear, se­lect the Peo­ple app to run it.


If this is the first time you’ve used the Peo­ple app, you’ll be prompted to link it to your ac­counts so it can im­port your con­tacts. The de­fault ac­counts are those you’ve set up in Mail and Skype, and these can be quickly synced to the Peo­ple app. Se­lect Im­port Con­tacts, and soon you’ll see your con­tacts in the Peo­ple app, from where you can com­bine, edit, delete and man­age them.


Peo­ple may be an app, but My Peo­ple is what Mi­crosoft calls an ‘ex­pe­ri­ence’. Sim­ply put, My Peo­ple is the abil­ity to pin your most fre­quent con­tacts to the Taskbar, so they’re more ac­ces­si­ble. If you can’t see the Peo­ple but­ton to the right of the Taskbar (it looks like two board game coun­ters stand­ing in a di­ag­o­nal line), right-click the sys­tem tray and se­lect ‘Show Peo­ple but­ton’.


Left-click the My Peo­ple but­ton at the right of your Taskbar, and you’ll see sug­ges­tions for who to pin based on how of­ten you con­tact them. You don’t have to ac­cept these sug­ges­tions – and as you are lim­ited to three pins, it’s worth putting some thought into. To pin a con­tact, left-click it, and the first three you choose will ap­pear on the Taskbar to the left of the My Peo­ple but­ton.


Any other con­tacts you choose to pin ap­pear in the pop-up menu, in a sec­tion called More Pinned Con­tacts. There’s an­other way of do­ing it that’s slightly more flex­i­ble – open the Peo­ple app, right-click a con­tact, then choose whether to pin it ei­ther to the Taskbar or the Start menu. Choose the lat­ter, con­firm the pin, and a tile will ap­pear on your Start menu that you can click to open.


Click a pinned con­tact in your Taskbar, and a pop-up menu ap­pears show­ing all your re­cent com­mu­ni­ca­tions in the ac­counts you’ve linked the Peo­ple app to. The el­lip­sis (...) top right en­ables you to launch the Peo­ple app, un­pin the con­tact or edit it, while the three-line menu (top left) switches be­tween Mail view, or the Peo­ple view. The pop-up stays open un­til you close it.


You can use My Peo­ple to send a mes­sage with­out open­ing the full app, such as Mail. Se­lect a con­tact, click the three-line menu and se­lect Mail. This lists your emails, along with a ‘+’ but­ton at the bot­tom to cre­ate a new mes­sage. Write your email in the pop-up menu, and ei­ther send it or dis­card it us­ing the but­tons at the bot­tom. Again, it will stick around un­til you close the menu.


Click the el­lip­sis at the bot­tom of the My Peo­ple pop-up for more op­tions. You can cre­ate a new con­tact, send feed­back about the app, and change app set­tings. In Set­tings, you can choose whether to turn Taskbar con­tacts on or off, re­ceive no­ti­fi­ca­tions when a new mes­sage ar­rives from a pinned con­tact, and choose whether that no­ti­fi­ca­tion plays a sound.

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