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In­tel’s stock cooler de­sign hasn’t changed too much since its in­cep­tion with the early Ne­halem pro­ces­sors. Sim­ply open up the lock­ing mounts on each cor­ner, push the cooler down through the holes on the moth­er­board un­til it clicks into place, then lock by turn­ing each thread counter-clock­wise. We’re stick­lers for con­sis­tency on this build. A smart way of keep­ing the ca­ble tidy is to tie a small loop into the header, then plug it into the moth­er­board’s CPU fan header. It looks far cleaner, and keeps it out of the way of any con­flict­ing fans.


Un­for­tu­nately, un­like our com­pet­ing AMD build, we don’t have the lux­ury of run­ning triple fans in the front of the rig for max­i­mum air­flow. So we’ve opted to go a lit­tle old school and in­stead throw the PSU fan up­ward. This will draw air from the chas­sis, use it to cool the PSU, then dump it out the rear of the case. It’s not ideal for liq­uid-cooled builds, or if you’re run­ning a par­tic­u­larly hot rig, but for our low ther­mal pro­duc­ing com­po­nents, it should help keep air flow­ing at lit­tle cost.

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