Flippy the burger bot shown the door

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FIRED AF­TER ONLY ONE DAY ON THE JOB. For those wor­ried about ro­bots and AI com­ing to steal our jobs, here’s a bit of good news. The burger-mak­ing ro­bot Flippy didn’t quite click on his first day of work at Cal­iBurger. Be­fore you punch the air with glee, we should prob­a­bly men­tion that this isn’t be­cause he did a bad job. No, this was be­cause he did his job of flip­ping pat­ties so well that his hu­man co­work­ers couldn’t keep up. Flippy re­ceived his or­ders dig­i­tally, whereas the squishy hu­mans around him re­lied on ver­bal com­mu­ni­ca­tion to keep in touch with each other and sync their du­ties. This meant that Flippy was es­sen­tially iso­lated in his work — flip­ping his burg­ers and buns ac­cord­ing to pro­gram­ming and or­ders — and ev­ery­one had to keep up with him, rather than work in sync with each other. While he might be off duty now, Flippy is ex­pected to re­turn to work af­ter some ad­just­ments are made... although, whether that’s to his speed or to the in­volve­ment of hu­mans around him, we don’t know.

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