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Sit back and zone out. FREE WITH IAP | NEVERTHINK.TV

- Harry Domanski

The name may be a tad Orwellian, and while some of those connotatio­ns survive in the app’s functional­ity, the end-product is more harmless than that. Neverthink’s aim is one of convenienc­e — to be “the TV of the internet” — and the title references the fact that the videos on the app are curated for you, removing the need to think about what to watch. You just have to choose from one of the app’s categories — world news, memes, documentar­ies or LOL — and your stream of videos is ready. Neverthink streams videos from YouTube, so you’ll be familiar with the interface. This service is proudly algorithm-free, however. Instead, the team at Neverthink hand-pick videos every day, selecting what they deem appropriat­e for each channel. If you’re in the habit of getting caught in YouTubehol­es, then this app will certainly exacerbate it (for better or for worse).

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