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This pro­gram’s name reads like an ob­tuse an­swer to a brain­teaser, but Qt314 is a wall­pa­per changer that’s spe­cific to KDE (both gen­er­a­tions 4 and 5). De­spite the fact that the KDE Plasma desk­top is sup­posed to be ex­tremely con­fig­urable, some fea­tures are still miss­ing. Qt314wall fills the gap of au­to­matic wall­pa­per chang­ing, which is a fea­ture that’s not im­me­di­ately avail­able in KDE. There are some tech­ni­cal ob­sta­cles in im­ple­ment­ing this in KDE Plasma na­tively. For ex­am­ple, if you de­cide to add a con­text ser­vice menu to Dol­phin for set­ting an im­age as a wall­pa­per, you’ll find that it will only work when the desk­top wid­gets (aka plas­moids) are un­locked. Qt314wall works in its own man­ner and sets an im­age as a cur­rent back­ground via the <code> xsetbg </ code> com­mand in case of the older KDE 4, or trig­gers the change event by call­ing Plasma 5 us­ing Dbus.

The main in­ter­face con­tains a fair few op­tions and in­vites you to start with the source of your im­ages. You can feed a direc­tory with your own pic­tures, pro­vide a list of files, or select a web im­age board from the list. The change event oc­curs smoothly thanks to the com­pose ef­fect, and it looks beau­ti­ful and nat­u­ral. Qt314wall is able to scale im­ages to the size of your screen, crop it and re­tain the as­pect ra­tio — all th­ese con­trols are at your fin­ger­tips. In­ter­est­ingly, the pro­gram doesn’t pro­duce any tem­po­rary files on your hard drive be­cause it stores its run­time files in /dev/shm. This is an ex­ceed­ingly smart de­sign de­ci­sion!

If you de­cide to use low-res im­ages as wall­pa­pers, Qt314wall up­scales them very smoothly, so that they don’t look blurred or pix­e­lated. The se­cret is in the Waifu up­scal­ing al­go­rithm, which works per­fectly on any kind of bit­map im­ages. Give Qt3124wall a try; it’s fun, use­ful and in­te­grates some state-of-the-art tech!

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