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It’s rare — but not un­heard of — for up­dates to screw your sys­tem up so much it can no longer boot into Win­dows suc­cess­fully. After sev­eral failed at­tempts, Win­dows should give you the op­tion of boot­ing into Safe mode or bring up the re­cov­ery menu. From here try Startup Re­pair or Sys­tem Re­store to roll your PC back to the Re­store point taken be­fore the up­date was in­stalled. Note: this may not be an op­tion if you’re run­ning Win­dows 10 and didn’t switch Sys­tem Re­store back on after in­stalling the April 2018 Up­date.

Other op­tions will in­volve re­cov­ery me­dia — if you reg­u­larly back up us­ing a tool like Macrium Re­flect Free ( www.macrium. com/re­flect­free), roll back to your last backup us­ing its boot me­dia. Or you could boot from your Laze­soft Re­cov­ery Suite res­cue me­dia (­gPq) and try its Win­dows Re­cov­ery tool. If it fails, use the Data Re­cov­ery com­po­nent to save your data or take a disk im­age be­fore boot­ing from your Win­dows res­cue or in­stal­la­tion me­dia and try a re­pair in­stall — this in­volves in­stalling Win­dows 7 over the top of it­self, or per­form­ing an ‘up­grade in­stall’ with Win­dows 8.1 and 10 boot me­dia.

Sys­tem Re­store — if it’s work­ing and ac­ces­si­ble — is your eas­i­est route to un­do­ing a cat­a­strophic failed up­date.

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