Steam game Ab­strac­tism ac­cused of hi­jack­ing com­put­ers to mine cryp­tocur­ren­cies


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While Valve has been called out re­cently for hav­ing loose morals with re­gards to the con­tent it al­lows to be sold on its plat­form (see is­sue 79), it did not leave time for ques­tions when it re­moved the game Ab­strac­tism from its store. De­spite the fact the game it­self claimed to be a “re­lax­ing” plat­former, YouTu­ber SidAl­pha spot­ted some pe­cu­liar­i­ties with its mi­cro­trans­ac­tions, some of which be­longed to dif­fer­ent games or were en­tirely fake items al­to­gether.

After oth­ers spot­ted is­sues with the game, in­clud­ing a Mal­ware­bytes scan which flagged one of the ex­e­cuta­bles as a threat, the devs claimed that those “ap­pli­ca­tions are gam­ing launch­ers”. How­ever, when one user said that Ab­strac­tism was us­ing gamers’ com­put­ers to mine Bit­coin due to its heavy CPU and GPU power re­quire­ments, the devs re­sponded with “Bit­coin is out­dated” and that they “cur­rently use Ab­strac­tism to mine only Monero coins”. Then per­haps re­al­is­ing what they’d just said, added, “Ab­strac­tism does not mine any cryp­tocur­rency” and claimed that the user was sim­ply play­ing on a high graph­ics set­ting.

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