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These days, we’re all af­ter a clearer, more ef­fi­cient workspace. As we saw at the last WWDC, Ap­ple has some new fea­tures lined up for macOS Mo­jave that are de­signed to help you tidy up your desk­top and or­gan­ise your files. How­ever, there’s still room for third-party apps and util­i­ties, such as Over­flow, that go a lit­tle fur­ther than the stan­dard fea­tures that are built in to macOS’s Fin­der.

Re­cently rewrit­ten us­ing Ap­ple’s Swift cod­ing lan­guage, Over­flow is es­sen­tially an al­ter­na­tive to cram­ming all your files and fold­ers into the Dock. A quick key­board short­cut opens the Over­flow win­dow, and you can drag and drop just about any type of file or folder into Over­flow and lo­cate it or open it with a sin­gle click.

You can also sort your files into ‘col­lec­tions’ for dif­fer­ent types of project, and use Quick Look to pre­view files as well. You do need to be or­gan­ised, as it can take some time to add all your files and fold­ers and group them into col­lec­tions, but Over­flow’s abil­ity to quickly find and launch files any­where on your Mac could still be a real time­saver for you.

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