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Right, me­mory first. Let’s be re­al­is­tic: You don’t need a lot of me­mory for a rig like this. Any­thing more than 16GB and you’re kid­ding your­self. In fact, out­side of some in­ten­sive couch-gam­ing ses­sions, even 16GB is per­haps a lit­tle too ex­u­ber­ant. If it’s just me­dia stream­ing you’re af­ter, 4-8GB of sin­gle-chan­nel me­mory should cut the mus­tard. Me­dia stream­ing isn’t that in­ten­sive, so cut­ting back here is a quick and smart way to save a buck or two to spend on a bet­ter CPU, GPU, stor­age, or even cool­ing.

When it comes to pro­ces­sors, on the other hand, that’s a dif­fer­ent mat­ter. If you’re af­ter the holy grail of 4K stream­ing from the likes of Ama­zon or Net­flix, you’ll want a CPU with an in­te­grated GPU that can power 4K @ 30fps and sup­port the HDCP 2.2 en­coder.

For In­tel, this is any­thing past the sev­enth gen­er­a­tion of chips (aka Kaby Lake). The en­tire range and above—from the mighty Core i7s to the lowly Celerons— all sup­port HDCP 2.2 and 4K res­o­lu­tions on the in­te­grated GPU. We rec­om­mend either the Core i3-8100 or the Pen­tium G5400.

For AMD, pick­ings are far slim­mer. You’re lim­ited to either the Ryzen 5 2400G or the Ryzen 3 2200G, as they’re the only two Ryzen parts with in­te­grated GPUs. If you want to do a bit of gam­ing on the side, we rec­om­mend the 2400G as your chip of choice.

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