Mi­crosoft Wire­less All-in-One Me­dia Key­board

Sim­ple, but gets the job done.

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At less than fifty dol­lars, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more af­ford­able so­lu­tion for con­trol­ling your HTPC from the couch. Ob­vi­ously there are sac­ri­fices to be made when it comes to such a cheap prod­uct, but they’re more than bear­able if you just need some­thing to con­trol your movies.

This wire­less key­board is full sized, and off to the right hand is a small track­pad. Ac­cu­racy of this isn’t amaz­ing, but you’ll even­tu­ally get your mouse cur­sor where it needs to be. Ob­vi­ously this isn’t a me­chan­i­cal key­board, us­ing a slightly jankyfeel­ing rub­ber dome key­board mech­a­nism, with very min­i­mal but­ton travel. There’s no wired op­tion, in­stead us­ing a small USB don­gle, but the beauty is that this is also com­pat­i­ble with the smart TV mod­els that are USB HID com­pli­ant, should you hap­pen to own one.

There’s even a cou­ple of ded­i­cated me­dia con­trols, so you don’t need to drag the wonky mouse around to fid­dle with the vol­ume of your me­dia player.

There’s no back­light­ing though, which is a real drag if your HTPC den is darker than your lo­cal zoo’s noc­tur­nal house, like mine is (al­ways paint your walls black when us­ing a pro­jec­tor!).

Mi­crosoft even claims that this key­board is spill-re­sis­tant, though they don’t spec­ify what IP level it is.

Re­ally though, for just fifty dol­lars this is a fan­tas­tic prod­uct for those who want the cheap­est op­tion to watch movies on their HTPC and pro­vides all the con­trol you need.

SPECS: 2.4GHz Wire­less; USB wire­less don­gle; USB HID com­pli­ant; spill-re­sis­tant. $49 | WWW.MI­CROSOFT.COM

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