Razer Raiju Tour­na­ment Edi­tion

A lot of money for a lot of fea­tures.

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Yes, that price is cor­rect. Al­most $300 for a con­troller does seem very ex­ces­sive to us, but Razer has never been coy about slap­ping high prices on its best prod­ucts. But does a sim­ple game con­trol pad jus­tify such a whop­ping price tag? In our opin­ion, not re­ally, no mat­ter how im­pres­sive this con­troller is.

Com­pat­i­ble with both PC and PS4, the Raiju can be con­nected either wire­lessly or via USB, de­pend­ing on just how much you value ex­tremely low la­tency. Razer claims a bat­tery life of 19 hours in wire­less mode. Help­ing to make re­spon­sive­ness even crisper is the new “Hair-trig­ger” mode. By tap­ping the large square pad on the top, it makes the trig­gers re­spond with the light­est of touches. It is no­tice­able com­pared to other con­trol pads.

The con­troller can also be pro­grammed via a smart­phone app so that you can map cer­tain but­tons – there’s four more but­tons than a stan­dard con­troller. So you could map one to open VLC, an­other for Steam, an­other for your movie folder, the Win­dows Vir­tual Key­board or what­ever func­tion you want. This means you can con­trol your HTPC en­tirely from a sim­ple con­troller.

While there is no deny­ing that this is a qual­ity piece of kit, with more func­tion­al­ity than ev­ery other con­troller on the mar­ket (bar the Steam Con­troller), and build-qual­ity to match, we still think the price is rather out­ra­geous. When you can get a Steam Con­troller for just $90, which has ar­guably more fine con­trol in shoot­ers, pay­ing three times as much sim­ply isn’t worth the wal­let wal­lop.

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