Is this GPU poised to be the new price per­for­mance gam­ing king? Chris Szewczyk is in the Labs to find out

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High end graph­ics cards have gen­er­ally trended up­wards in size. Triple slot cool­ing and PCBs pro­trud­ing well above the PCIe bracket are the norm. With this in mind it’s a real sur­prise to see just how com­pact the RTX 2070 Founders Edi­tion is. Small doesn’t mean cheap and in­ef­fec­tive though. We were pleas­antly sur­prised at how much of a jump in qual­ity the RTX 2080 and 2080Ti Founders Edi­tion cards were over their pre­de­ces­sors. At a glance the RTX 2070 Founders Edi­tion looks like a good step for­ward too.

From the out­side, the RTX 2070 Founders Edi­tion looks like a com­pact ver­sion of its big broth­ers. Gone is the old noisy blower cooler. In its place is a to­tally re­designed cooler fea­tur­ing twin 8.5cm ax­ial fans blow­ing down into a fin ar­ray. Users who miss the old blower cooler still have 3rd party op­tions to choose from. The card is sur­rounded by an alu­minium shroud that as­sists with cool­ing, as well as pro­vid­ing struc­tural rigid­ity to the card.

The top of the card fea­tures the usual GeForce RTX logo, but of course there’s no NV-link con­nec­tor avail­able, as the RTX 2070 doesn’t sup­port it. The 8-pin power con­nec­tor is moved to the side of the card, which helps with ca­ble man­age­ment and gives a cleaner look if it’s to be shown in a win­dowed case.

The RTX 2070 Founders Edi­tion of­fers two DP 1.4 con­nec­tors, a sin­gle HDMI 2.0b, and some­what sur­pris­ingly in 2018, a DVI-DL port. The PCB is ad­e­quate, but noth­ing more. A ba­sic 6+2 phase VRM pow­ers the GPU and GDDR6 mem­ory. If you’re look­ing to ex­tract the max­i­mum from the TU106 GPU, then the af­ter­mar­ket cards with cus­tom PCBs of­fer a sig­nif­i­cant step up in com­po­nent qual­ity. As it is though, the Founders Edi­tion gets the job done and will ap­peal to users who don’t need their GPU to come with the kitchen sink.

The Founders Edi­tion can’t match the boost clocks of the cus­tom cards but get­ting within a few per­cent de­spite the com­pact cooler’s hand­i­cap is still ad­mirable. It can even game at 4K mak­ing it a com­pelling com­pact op­tion for a lounge room gam­ing PC. The card isn’t noisy ei­ther.

The RTX 2070 Founders Edi­tion is a good step for­ward in terms of ther­mals and acous­tics com­pared to the old blower style cards. While the 2070 is a good card, there’s no doubt that pric­ing re­mains a neg­a­tive and takes away some of the ex­cite­ment we usu­ally have when re­view­ing new high-end GPUs. We’ll have to re­visit the whole RTX 2000 se­ries once the tech­nol­ogy sees wide­spread use. Here in late 2018, the RTX 2070 is still a very ca­pa­ble gam­ing card but if you’re play­ing on a GTX 1080 or higher, the Founders Edi­tion seems like more a of a side-grade. For ev­ery­one else, the RTX 2070 is a very fast GPU, per­fect for high qual­ity 1440P gam­ing.


Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edi­tion, 2304 CUDA Cores, 1410MHz Base Clock, 1710MHz Boost Clock, 8GB GDDR6 14Gbps mem­ory, 448GB/s Mem­ory Band­width, 3x Dis­play Port 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.0b, 1x DVI-D, 1x USB Type-C, 1x 8-Pin Power Con­nec­tor, 185W TDP

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