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“Other forms of PC get cov­er­age in the mag al­ready, it would be good if some page space is put aside for the hum­ble desk­top PC”

WHERE KODI GOES I re­fer to APC mag­a­zine De­cem­ber 2018 Is­sue 460, and the Kodi Setup Guide on page 50.

In sec­tion 14 The Per­fect Startup on page 52 the ad­vice from the mag­a­zine is to copy the Kodi.exe file into the Startup folder. Do­ing that is set­ting the sys­tem up for a pos­si­ble fu­ture bug. The prob­lem is that you now have two copies of Kodi.exe. If Kodi gets an up­date you can bet that the Kodi.exe in the Startup folder is still at the old level. It would be bet­ter prac­tice to in­stead cre­ate a short­cut to Kodi.exe and put that in the Startup folder. Bob Den­ton IN­TER­NET PHONES I have just joined Aussie Broad­band. The Aussie “Aus­tralia Tech Help Dept.” tell me that my VOIP phone con­nec­tion will only work when I am switched on to them. When I close my com­puter’s in­ter­net con­nec­tion then I have no tele­phone con­nec­tion. The phone will only work when my com­puter is switched on and con­nected to ‘Aussie’ This sounds pretty crazy and a need­less ad­di­tion to my elec­tric­ity ac­count. Do all ISP com­pa­nies have this sys­tem? Carol Ben Man­sill replies: Hi Carol, and thanks for writ­ing in. Some good news – you do not need to have your com­puter on to use VOIP. As long as your mo­dem is on and con­nected to the in­ter­net that’s all you need. The VOIP hand­set will be con­nected to the mo­dem, likely via a pro­vided adap­tor. So, when you turn your com­puter off just make sure you leave the mo­dem on. The down­side to VOIP is that, ob­vi­ously, you do need to be on­line, so if there’s an in­terup­tion to your in­ter­net ser­vice then the phone won’t work. So, al­ways have your mo­bile handy if you need to make ur­gent or emer­gency calls when this hap­pens.


I have sub­scribed to PC&TA for some time af­ter join­ing from PC World years ago. I have read many of your pub­li­ca­tions over the years from the lo­cal li­brary.

I would like the con­tin­u­a­tion of the Market Watch seg­ment from PC&TA and even any ex­pan­sion. I have al­ways been a desk­top fan and would like this sec­tion to be wholly ded­i­cated to this seg­ment. Other forms of PC get cov­er­age in the mag al­ready, it would be good if some page space is put as­side for the hum­ble desk­top PC. Also please look at pric­ing the PCs to the av­er­age user and have sec­tions around $1,000, $1,000-1,500 and $1,500-2,500. I feel show­ing sytems of $3,000-6,000 would be a small per­cent­age of the market. Ja­son Ben Man­sill replies: Happy to oblige, Ja­son! If you look to page 76 there’s our new Blue­print sec­tion, and it does just what you’re look­ing for. The price bands aren’t ex­actly the same as your re­quest, but we cer­tainly cover the low and medium range com­pre­hen­sively with our builds and cov­er­age. And yes, there’s also an ex­treme high-end build, but we couldn’t help our­selves.

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