Benq XL2411P

If you’ve got an e-sports gamer on a bud­get, this mon­i­tor will fit the bill.

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Benq’s Zowie XL2411P claims to be the “pre­miere e-Sports mon­i­tor”, which is prob­a­bly stretch­ing things, but it def­i­nitely is well suited for those dam­ag­ing their pos­ture and wrists in the name of e-Sport glory on a bud­get. At only 24-inches wide, this smaller size al­lows Benq to pack in the gam­ing fea­tures peo­ple want, at a price they can af­ford.

The head­line fea­ture is 144Hz sup­port at a 1080p res­o­lu­tion. This is the sweet spot for gamers with­out 6 fig­ure set­ups, who prize smooth frame rates over high res­o­lu­tions. At 1080p, 144fps comes way eas­ier than at 4K. To make the most of those 144 frames per sec­ond, a blur re­duc­tion fea­ture can be en­abled to strobe the back­light and re­duce per­ceived mo­tion blur and ghost­ing. The down­side of that how­ever, is re­duced bright­ness. But played a typ­i­cally dark room, it’s not an is­sue at all.

The XL2411P Black eQual­izer’s fea­ture won’t solve racial re­la­tions any time soon, but it will let you see any video game en­e­mies hid­ing in the shad­ows. When en­abled, the mon­i­tor will de­crease con­trast on darker parts of images dy­nam­i­cally. It works quite well, with low false pos­i­tive and can come in pretty handy.

At $329, the Benq Zowie XL2411P is one of the cheap­est 144Hz, low la­tency mon­i­tors on the market. If you’re an e-sports gamer, where re­fresh rate and low la­tency mat­ters above all else, but don’t have bud­get for a big­ger mon­i­tor, add the Benq Zowie XL2411P to your shop­ping list.


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