Asus 1200W Thor PSU

Asus takes a ham­mer to the PSU mar­ket.

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Along with a pair of new ROG AIO CPU cool­ers we’re re­view­ing from Asus, there’s now a power sup­ply unit in the com­pany’s sta­ble. The Thor 1200W is the first Asus ROG power sup­ply and like all ROG prod­ucts, it has some in­ter­est­ing in­no­va­tions that dif­fer­en­ti­ate it from its com­peti­tors.

Asus is clearly look­ing to lever­age the pres­tige of its ROG brand by ex­pand­ing into com­po­nents beyond its tra­di­tional motherboard and graph­ics card port­fo­lios. Mak­ing a PSU from scratch is not an easy un­der­tak­ing though, so Asus part­nered with Sea­sonic to pro­vide the plat­form for the Thor. The Thor is a 1200w rated power sup­ply, though there’s also an 850W ver­sion too.

The 12v rail can sup­ply up to 100A, which is enough for all but the cra­zi­est multi GPU sys­tems. It car­ries an 80Plus Plat­inum rat­ing. We’d like to have seen a Ti­ta­nium rat­ing, but alas it’s not to be.

It’s hard to de­scribe a PSU as ‘at­trac­tive’, but the ROG Thor is ex­actly that. It’s black stylised cas­ing looks great, and as you’d ex­pect from al­most any gam­ing prod­uct these days, there’s a few splashes of RGB light­ing that are taste­fully im­ple­mented.

The unique stand­out is the in­clu­sion of a small OLED read­out that shows how much AC power the PSU is draw­ing from the wall socket. This alone could be the deal maker for users weigh­ing up pur­chas­ing one, as power con­sump­tion in­for­ma­tion is im­por­tant to a lot of users. Of course you need a win­dowed case with­out a PSU shroud to make use of it, how­ever. The lit­tle dis­play is a good first step but we think it could be im­proved by adding de­tailed DC mon­i­tor­ing. For ex­am­ple you could se­lect the PCIe rails or the EPS power con­nec­tor to see how the power is be­ing used. Per­haps a small de­tach­able read­out would be ben­e­fi­cial for those who can­not see the PSU panel it­self.

Un­for­tu­nately we don’t have the ex­pen­sive equip­ment to prop­erly test power sup­plies, which is why we rarely cover them. Our test sys­tem with an i7-8700K and GTX 1080 Ti is a breeze for a high pow­ered unit like this. It re­mained quiet and cool, a hall­mark of highly ef­fi­cient PSU mod­els these days.

The Asus ROG Thor is no doubt a very high end PSU that looks fan­tas­tic, has a great spec and was com­pletely in­audi­ble through­out our test­ing. Like a lot of ROG prod­ucts though, you re­ally do have to pay a pre­mium as it comes in at $549. At this price it’s up there with the flag­ship Ti­ta­nium mod­els from the likes of Cor­sair and Cooler Mas­ter. How­ever, it’s not ex­or­bi­tant for what you get. No other model has the good looks that the Thor has. While we think Asus could have done a lit­tle more with re­gards to the OLED dis­play, the Thor is a solid first at­tempt from Asus. Throw in a 10 year war­ranty and the Thor 1200W could well power through many up­grades.


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