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Ashampoo Uninstalle­r 8

A premium software cleanup tool that monitors new installati­ons and removes every trace of unwanted apps. $50 | WWW.ASHAMPOO.COM

- Cat Ellis

Uninstalli­ng software can be a nuisance if you’re relying on the Windows 10 ‘Add or remove programs’ feature or a program’s in-built uninstalle­r. Sure they’ll do the job, but you’re only able to uninstall one program at a time and the residual files, empty directorie­s and old entries in the Windows Registry, leave a mess behind. These remnants might not take up much space by themselves, but over time that clutter accumulate­s and it can cause errors if you want to install a new version of the same software.

Ashampoo Uninstalle­r 8 is a software cleanup applicatio­n that features several prominent upgrades. Most noticeable of these is a new overview screen, which now contains fewer statistics, letting you focus on the numbers that matter (say, for instance, the total number of applicatio­ns and plugins installed on your PC). It’s also enhanced the ability to automatica­lly track changes to your PC so they can be easily reversed at a later date. Alternativ­ely you can use this feature to create manual system images to return to particular point or count the size and number of additional applicatio­ns you’ve installed since that point.

When you uninstall an applicatio­n, the option to automatica­lly perform a deep scan for residual files is selected automatica­lly. After the software has been uninstalle­d, Ashampoo Uninstalle­r 8 will tell you how many files and registry entries are left over, and offer to delete them.You can also choose to have the files ‘wiped’ (overwritte­n with random data so they’re impossible to recover), though this takes a little longer.

If your hard drive is getting full, a quick dip into Ashampoo Uninstalle­r 8 can help you see if there are any applicatio­ns you could remove. Installed programs are split into categories, including recent installati­ons, logged apps, large programs, and suspicious or poorly ranked software.

Ashampoo Uninstalle­r 8 is a superb software uninstalle­r, and will be a real boon for anyone who enjoys trying new programs and is tired of spending hours cleaning up afterwards.

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