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Building upon greatness.

- Dan Gardiner

This follow-up to Jabra’s excellent Elite 65t – one of the first sets of true wireless buds that ‘just worked’ – bundles together more than a dozen improvemen­ts in an effort to tackle with more-recent competitor­s. The upgrade has largely been a great success – as before, they’re comfortabl­e and fast to both pair and reconnect, but the 75t’s more compact and discrete design also feels significan­tly tougher and more robust than its forebear’s, and they’re still exceptiona­lly lightweigh­t and well-balanced in terms of weight distributi­on. An extra 2.5 hours battery life, or 7.5 total, means they can effectivel­y last a full working day, and the slimmed-down (and now USB-C) charging case somehow includes 3.5 additional full charges (28 hours) within it.

Audio quality is likewise first-rate, although by default it’s tuned for extremely deep, rumbling bass. Thankfully, it’s easy to adjust the sound profile to your specific tastes via a five-band equaliser in the Jabra smartphone app – and the 6mm drivers in each bud are flexible enough that we weren’t able to distort them by pushing the EQ to extremes.

The 75t sadly still have a couple of the residual shortcomin­gs from the 65t – specifical­ly, if you want to use one bud, only the right one offers this, and these aren’t a great set of earphones for gamers, where a little lag between the onscreen action can mess up lip-sync and be mildly distractin­g.

Those gripes aside, this is a very worthy upgrade, and one that brings Jabra back into the top tier.


Successful­ly updates the Elite design to create one of the best ‘no fuss’ true wireless buds.

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