Hive Time

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You’re in con­trol of a small hive that’s only just about tick­ing over. There are few work­ers buzzing about in search of nec­tar, while the queen sits on her throne twid­dling her an­ten­nae. To suc­ceed, you’ll need to grad­u­ally ex­pand your bor­ders, re­search new tech­nol­ogy, and con­struct work­shops and store­rooms for all those lovely re­sources. Your ul­ti­mate aim is to make royal jelly, with which you can re­place the serv­ing queen when she even­tu­ally dies. But that’s a long way off yet: a per­sis­tent, grow­ing threat lurk­ing in the pe­riph­ery.

You’ll spend most of your time in Hive Time futz­ing about with pop­u­la­tion slid­ers, try­ing to make enough drones to staff your var­i­ous bee depart­ments. The early game can feel painfully slow, but the later game is a stress-fest. There’s no op­tion to speed things up, or slow down time. This is not a game with a vast amount of char­ac­ter, but there is hu­mour in the de­scrip­tive text, and in the ran­dom events that crop up ev­ery so of­ten.

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