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Reconnect with your past in this exciting and revealing pursuit that was tailor-made for your PC.


There’s something to be said for connecting with your family history – the thrill of rediscover­ing your ancestors cannot be matched as you piece together their lives through documents, digging out old family photos and even making contact with distant cousins to share and uncover more insights.

These days, most of that research can be done online, and if you know where to look you can make major inroads into developing and expanding your tree without spending hundreds of pounds on expensive subscripti­ons. The place to start is www.familysear­ch.org – this doesn’t simply provide a giant, shared tree of human existence, but it’s also a repository of informatio­n, including documents, photos and useful resources for further research via its wiki (www.familysear­ch.org/wiki/).

You’ll need somewhere to store all this informatio­n, and there are plenty of programs out there to lend a helping hand. If you do choose a paid-for subscripti­on site like Ancestry, then it pays to choose a program designed to make it easy to extract informatio­n and digitised images of documents directly from the site into your research file.

One free program that supports FamilySear­ch is RootsMagic Essentials, which you can download and install for free from http://rootsmagic.com/ essentials/ – it’s a cut-down version of the main program (US$29.95 from www. rootsmagic.com), but all FamilySear­ch functional­ity is completely free.


The program is relatively simple to use and will be familiar to anyone who’s previously dabbled in genealogy – when creating a new document, leave ‘Begin typing my informatio­n’ selected before clicking OK. A blank tree will appear – click the button to add a person and enter your own informatio­n as the home person. From here you can add additional facts, attach photos and

other informatio­n as we outlined in detail in our September 2019 issue.

When it comes to linking in informatio­n from FamilySear­ch, select ‘Tools > File Options’. Select FamilySear­ch, tick ‘Enable FamilySear­ch support’ and ‘Match person to FamilySear­ch when hints found’ and enter your login details. Now follow the step-by-step guide to link individual­s to FamilySear­ch and download informatio­n from them into your tree in just a few clicks.

 ??  ?? Link RootsMagic to FamilySear­ch to find – and download – informatio­n about family members.
Link RootsMagic to FamilySear­ch to find – and download – informatio­n about family members.

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