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Arm-powered Grace CPU from Nvidia debuts

Nvidia comes for the data centre CPU market.


Nvidia introduced its Arm-based Grace CPU architectu­re that it says delivers 10X more performanc­e than today’s fastest servers in AI and HPC workloads. The new chips will soon power two new AI supercompu­ters and come powered by unspecifie­d “next-generation” Arm Neoverse CPU cores paired with LPDDR5x memory that pumps out 500 GBps of throughput, along with a 900 GBps NVLink connection to an unspecifie­d GPU for the leading-edge devices.

Nvidia also revealed a new roadmap that shows a “Grace Next” CPU coming in 2025, along with a new “Ampere Next Next” GPU that will arrive in mid-2024. Nvidia’s pending Arm acquisitio­n, which is still winding its way through global regulatory bodies, has led to plenty of speculatio­n that we could see Nvidiabran­ded Arm-based CPUs.

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