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A premium tablet at a mid-range price, there’s much to like about the P12 Pro’s smaller brother.


256GB, $597 | from lenovo.com/au

When it launched in 2021, the P11 Pro became one of the most desirable Android tablets, thanks to a fantastic OLED screen and an optional keyboard that – with the aid of software – could transform the tablet into an effective laptop. The second-generation model is even better, addressing some of the minor issues of the first-gen tablet.

The 11.2in screen is encased in a tough metallic shell with a two-tone dark grey finish. It looks great as is, but you’ll also want the Keyboard Pack. This includes a kickstand panel that attaches magnetical­ly to the rear, with the stand folding out to support the screen, plus a keyboard cover that clamps on to the base of the tablet and its pogo pin connectors. It’s a portable and practical solution, and while the keyboard isn’t quite ThinkPad quality, the action is good enough for you to forget you’re working on a convertibl­e.

The screen is another highlight. It’s bright – we measured the maximum luminance at 473cd/m2 – and with jet-black blacks the contrast is sensationa­l. Throw in 100 percent coverage of both sRGB and DCI-P3, and you have one of the best displays for watching video on test. It’s not quite as stellar in terms of colour accuracy, but only by the standards of tablets costing far more.

The original P11 Pro was restricted to Wi-Fi 5, but the new model switches up to Wi-Fi 6. Meanwhile, storage doubles from 128GB to 256GB, while the processor has been upgraded from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G to MediaTek’s newer

Kompanio K1300T. As a result, this proved one of the fastest Android tablets on test, and one you can trust to perform well in anything from creative apps to 3D gaming. You also get over 12 hours of battery life, along with 20W fast charging to get you back up to 25 percent in half an hour from a standing start.

Take the sub-$600 price into account and you arguably have the best-value high-end tablet and a worthy rival to the Galaxy Tab S8. The only reason not to buy it is that its sibling, the Tab P12 Pro, is even better, but if $600 or 11.3in is your limit, the P11 Pro is highly recommende­d.

 ?? ?? The 11.2in screen offers superb contrast levels.
The 11.2in screen offers superb contrast levels.

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