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A mix of leaks and official statements – plus images and a short video – mean that we have a decent idea of what to expect of this 2023 release.


We thought Google had given up on making its own tablets, with the Pixel Slate a long-distant memory, so how pleasant it was to hear news of the Pixel Tablet at the Google IO developer conference in May 2022. At that point it was nothing more than vapourware, but since then a mix of leaks, official imagery and a short video have revealed some valuable clues.

Here’s what we know. First, it will use the same Tensor G2 chipset that graces Pixel 7 phones. That’s fine by us, as it’s a highly capable chip that should run Android 12L smoothly.

We also know how Google intends the tablet to be used. Rather than be “hidden away in a drawer” it wants the Pixel Tablet to be “the heart of your home”. To this end, it will be bundling (probably) the Pixel Tablet with a Charging Speaker Dock. This is hardly a new idea, with previous Lenovo tablets coming with just such a dock, but Google promises that it will keep the slate permanentl­y charged and means “you can enjoy hands-free help from the Assistant or a photo frame of your memories”. Magnets will keep it safely in place.

Google also promises “enhanced audio from the speaker” that “lets you enjoy your favourite show or have an impromptu dance party”. No comment. The final thing we know for sure is that the finish will be “premium nanocerami­c”, and judging by the released images it will be available in a choice of white or grey.

From hereon in, we come to educated speculatio­n. The video (and leaks) suggest that the Pixel Slate is an 11in tablet, and we know that it has a rear camera – most likely the same 50MP sensor found in the Pixel 7 range.

Rumours suggest it will be affordable, with 4GB of RAM, a choice of 128GB or 256GB storage, and Wi-Fi alone rather than cellular options. That ties in with Google’s vision of the device being used at home, and indeed to control your smart home devices, rather than being a portable workhorse.

We don’t yet know the Google Tablet’s price, and all we can say about availabili­ty at this point is that it will be during 2023. All of which means that we don’t think it’s worth waiting around for: if you see something you like in this Labs, buy it.

 ?? ?? Google’s Pixel Tablet could be a real game-changer, but it’s not worth waiting for.
Google’s Pixel Tablet could be a real game-changer, but it’s not worth waiting for.

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