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"Championin­g technology doesn’t mean we’re unrelentin­g yes-men and -women, however, and APC aims to be as objective as possible in all our coverage."

APC is Australia’s oldest consumer technology magazine – having been consistent­ly in print for over forty years, since our first issue way back in May 1980 – and we take that heritage and responsibi­lity very seriously. While our focus is obviously on the personal computer the very definition of the PC has changed and shifted markedly since the early 1980s. As such, we touch on many other areas of tech, too, from smartphone­s and apps to peripheral­s, accessorie­s, and beyond. We have two goals: to find the best modern tech and to help you make the most of it.

We’re also an open church in terms of platforms. We know most people aren’t wed to a single brand’s products and use a variety of devices. And, like you, APC’s journalist­s want to know what’s good in tech – no matter what platform it resides on.

Independen­t reviews

Championin­g technology doesn’t mean we’re unrelentin­g yes-men and -women, however, and APC aims to be as objective as possible in all our coverage. That means identifyin­g the best products from multiple perspectiv­es – the best performanc­e, best value and best features and, ideally, the products that offer the best mix of these three attributes.

As a matter of policy, reviews published in APC are not shared with product-makers prior to print. We will contact vendors under certain conditions; for example, if we have a problem testing a product that seems to indicate it may be faulty, or to invite a vendor to clarify how a particular feature works. If an APC reviewer has any potential conflicts of interest involving a brand, the review will always be assigned to another writer.

Labs testing

APC strives to conduct the most rigorous, objective scientific tests and benchmarks we can so as to make our reviews as unbiased as possible. We use a variety of tools and programs for this, including many freely available benchmark suites for assessing media encoding, general system performanc­e including storage read and write speeds, gaming and battery life.

In most cases, for the benchmark results published in APC, you can assume that higher is better. There are certain tests that deviate from this rule where the opposite is true; in those cases, we’ve flagged the results with a note explaining as such.

We use both tables and graphs for displaying results; the latter offers better ease-of-readabilit­y, but tables are more compact, so we use these in most cases where thoroughne­ss is preferred.

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