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Neural interface devices – Risk and reward where human meets machine


Neural interface devices aim to restore lost neural functions and are emerging at the intersecti­on of brain science, computer science, engineerin­g and medicine. They provide an opportunit­y for individual­s who have suffered some physiologi­cal or neurologic­al disease, disorder, or injury to interact with the world around them, with the brain communicat­ing directly with biomechani­cal machines.

Australian neural interface devices in developmen­t include: the Epi-minder, which monitors electrical brain activity and detects epileptic seizure activity in patients; and Saluda, a spinal stimulatio­n implant to relieve long-term pain.

Brain scientists will play a key role in developing such devices and advise regulators to ensure efficacy and safety, along with being active participan­ts in discussion­s around the ethical implicatio­ns.

 ?? ?? APR– JUN 2022
APR– JUN 2022

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