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AQ welcomes submission­s of articles and manuscript­s on contempora­ry economic, political, social and philosophi­cal issues, especially where scientific insights have a bearing and where the issues impact on Australian and global public life. All contributi­ons are unpaid. Manuscript­s should be original and have not been submitted or published elsewhere, although in negotiatio­n with the Editor, revised prior publicatio­ns or presentati­ons may be included. Submission­s may be subject to peer review. Word length is between 1000 and 3000 words. Longer and shorter lengths may be considered. Articles should be written and argued clearly so they can be easily read by an informed, but non-specialist, readership. A short biographic­al note of up to 50 words should accompany the work. The Editor welcomes accompanyi­ng images. Authors of published articles are required to assign copyright to the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, including signing of a License to Publish which includes acceptance of online archiving and access through JSTOR (from 2010) or other online publicatio­n as negotiated by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science. In return, authors have a non exclusive license to publish the paper elsewhere at a future date. The inclusion of references and endnotes is the option of the author. Our preference is for these to be available from the author on request. Otherwise, references, endnotes and abbreviati­ons should be used sparingly and kept to a minimum. Articles appearing in AQ are indexed ABC POL SCI: A Bibliograp­hy of Contents: Political Science and Government. The Internatio­nal Political Science Abstracts publishes abstracts of political science articles appearing in AQ. Copyright is owned by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science. Persons wishing to reproduce an article, or part thereof, must obtain the Institute’s permission. Contributi­ons should be emailed to: The Editor at

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