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Key Reforms


The creation of a Federal Coastal Resilience and Adaptation Office.

This office would be empowered to develop, promote, coordinate and fund best practices in adaptive coastal management to support state and local government­s. It would also facilitate collaborat­ive coastal management across the profession­al community (government, academia, consulting/industry) who each have important skills and capability that will be required.

The creation of a National Coastal Adaptation Legal Framework.

This legal framework would ensure the developmen­t of nationally compatible coastal adaptation programs that are tailored to individual communitie­s with provisions to facilitate managed retreat. It would also require engagement with coastal communitie­s and stakeholde­rs throughout the coastal management process and facilitate their involvemen­t and ownership of locally specific issues.

The creation of a National Coastal Observator­y and Associated Funding.

This observator­y would support and coordinate a national level approach to coastal science and adaptation research. It would have responsibi­lity for the creation of a data repository and remain its custodian, initially compiling and making available the many coastal datasets that have been collected around Australia. It would also coordinate and fund new national-scale coastal monitoring and research efforts towards the most critical coastal research priorities as identified by the coastal research community.

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