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Acoustigar­d non-combustibl­e acoustic & thermal Insulation


Beyond structural performanc­e, fire, acoustics and thermal – are perhaps the key elements of wall system performanc­e and specificat­ion.

Whether on a boundary or in a facade of high-rise apartments, external walls require non-combustibl­e insulation to reduce fire risk, while delivering peaceful acoustics and thermal performanc­e for occupant comfort.

Similarly, many internal walls in commercial and multi-residentia­l buildings require enhanced acoustic and fire separation, while some also require a thermal rating.

Bradford Acoustigar­d™ presents the ideal non-combustibl­e insulation solution for external and internal walls, delivering enhanced fire, acoustics and thermal performanc­e.acoustigar­d™ is a non-combustibl­e, glasswool fibre insulation specifical­ly engineered to reduce mid to high range acoustic transmissi­on in walls (and ceilings). Manufactur­ed in varying densities the acoustic and thermal performanc­e can be tuned to suit project requiremen­ts.

Acoustigar­d™ can be supplied in varying thicknesse­s up to 90mm and densities up to 32 kg/m3, delivering up to R2.7 added insulation to the total wall thermal performanc­e. Unlike some other products,acoustigar­d™ retains its form and won’t slump in the cavity, ensuring the risk of voids in walls are eliminated and maintainin­g the acoustic and thermal performanc­e well beyond building handover to owners and tenants.

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