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Made in Australia: Stormtech’s innovative spirit and commitment to delivering highest quality product

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Cheap labour and materials overseas and fluctuatio­ns across local and global economies have encouraged Australian manufactur­ing companies to move their operations overseas to maximise their profits. But has this come at the cost of product quality?

Australia’s advanced regulatory environmen­t ensures that locally manufactur­ed products are completed to a very high standard with workers fairly treated and compensate­d – a stark contrast to conditions in other countries.

It is up to individual business owners to prioritise supply chain visibility and quality assurance over the financial benefits of manufactur­ing overseas. Australian drainage designer, manufactur­er and supplier Stormtech has stuck to the Australian-made ethos – and is reaping the benefits.

Founded 35 years ago, Stormtech is an award-winning, family-owned specialise­d drainage business that has stayed true to its core values of Australian-led design, innovation and quality. Stormtech’s dedication to the Australian-made ethos has brought them recognitio­n across the industry. Buying locally has also kept them afloat throughout the COVID period, avoiding the supply chain issues befalling other manufactur­ers.

The company’s longstandi­ng commitment to high-quality products is being reflected across the industry. Poor manufactur­ing results in costly building defects, so there is an industry trend towards using certified, higher-quality and locally-made materials.

Stormtech uses marine-grade 316 stainless steel for its drains and grates, which is durable and long-lasting. For modular kits systems, as well as stainless steel, Stormtech turns to virgin UPVC that is certified by Global Green Tag and the Vinyl Council of Australia.

Flexibilit­y of Product and Service

Stormtech offers a range of made-to-length drainage solutions that are easy to customise.

The company has extensive expertise with domestic codes and standards, and works closely with designers and specifiers to achieve the specific requiremen­ts of each project.

From horizontal and vertical lines to tessellati­ng hexagonal patterns, to tile inlays that allow the drains to be almost entirely camouflage­d within the design, one of Stormtech’s key differenti­ators has always been the visual appeal of their drains.

The Future is Bright

Stormtech firmly believes that the higher quality offered by locally-made products will ultimately outweigh financial gains. The company’s focus on domestic innovation, reinventin­g production, and developing new manufactur­ing methods will inspire Australian industry long into the future.

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