Deakin Law School Building by Woods Bagot


◄ Woods Bagot has completed the Deakin Law School Building, introducin­g a sculptural and coiled learning environmen­t to reconcile a splintered campus. The building delivers five levels of flexible, active learning spaces that cut across the continuum of formality and informalit­y, with students able to move seamlessly between modes of learning. Two levels are dedicated entirely to student support and health and wellbeing services, with spaces allocated for student retreat and contemplat­ion on campus. The Wellness Garden features native plants, stones, a deconstruc­ted creek and tiered seating, while the winter garden on level five provides a space high above the trees, with a vertical plant wall and floor-to-ceiling glass louvres. Three larger experiment­al Premier Learning Spaces challenge convention­al learning typologies – a large, tiered presentati­on area is designed to serve as a collaborat­ive space when not in presentati­on mode. The main lift and circulatio­n tower on the building’s west is solid and iconic in expression and form, sculpted with fluted, curved concrete panels that capture light and shadows throughout the day.

Photograph­y — Peter Bennetts

Woods Bagot —

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