Adam Heath store by Matthew Crawford Architects


◥ Originally, Adam Heath had a single-frontage store in Perth, but when the opportunit­y arose, the boutique moved into a double-frontage that offered significan­tly more space. As a double-frontage, the dividing wall had only one central opening, and on beginning the project, Matthew Crawford Architects knew that this would be the first item to amend. The design team decided to create two smaller arched head openings on either side of the main opening to create vignettes into the adjacent room and allow multiple movement paths. The neutral palette allows the clothes’ patterns and colours to remain the focus. While the palette of historic materials remained in the left-hand shop, the right-hand tenancy had been stripped long ago and suffered from noise permeating from the accommodat­ion above. The design team dealt with this by inserting an acoustic ceiling and cladding it in pressed tin to match the left-hand side.

Photograph­y — Jack Lovel

Matthew Crawford Architects — mcarchitec­

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