Med­nyj Aleut

Asian Geographic - - Front Page - BER­ING IS­LAND, 5 SPEAK­ERS

Also known as Cop­per Is­land Aleut, Med­nyj Aleut is a mori­bund mixed lan­guage orig­i­nally spo­ken on Med­nyj Is­land, off the coast of Kam­chatka. How­ever, that pop­u­la­tion was moved to Ber­ing Is­land in 1970. It is char­ac­terised by fus­ing Rus­sian and Aleut. The first speak­ers were chil­dren who had one par­ent of each de­scent. The lan­guage they cre­ated and passed on is mostly sim­i­lar to Aleut, but with Rus­sian verb end­ings and many Rus­sian words mixed in the vo­cab­u­lary. As of the early 2000s, there were only five flu­ent speak­ers left.

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