Ra­ja­gira Ve­sali Sa­vatthi Kaushambi Many key ser­mons were de­liv­ered here Sar­nath

The Bud­dha spent 12 years in “The Abode of Kings”. The first Bud­dhist coun­cil was held at the Sap­ta­parni Caves The Bud­dha vis­ited Ve­sali on sev­eral oc­ca­sions. It was here that he en­coun­tered the pros­ti­tute Am­ba­pali, an in­ci­dent which is re­counted in the

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The First Ser­mon

Sar­nath, about seven kilo­me­tres north of the town of Varanasi, was where the Bud­dha de­liv­ered his first ser­mon to a group of five monks known as the Pan­chav­aggiya Bhikkhus. Bud­dhist texts re­fer to the ser­mon as the Dham­mack­kap­pa­vat­tana Sutta – the “turn­ing of the wheel of right­eous­ness ser­mon”. In this sem­i­nal les­son, he preached about the so­lu­tion to life’s prob­lems – the “Four Noble Truths” (the truth of suf­fer­ing, the truth of the cause of suf­fer­ing, the truth of the end of suf­fer­ing, and the truth of the path that leads to the end of suf­fer­ing), and Mad­hyama Prati­pada and the Eight­fold Path. On this doc­trine, the prin­ci­ples of Bud­dhism were founded.

on holy ground k u s h ina g a r sar­nath bodh gaya

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