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oc­ca­sion­ally de­scend­ing to the for­est’s mid-canopy. Fur­ther down on the for­est floor, the plain pygmy squir­rel ( Ex­ilis­ci­u­rus ex­ilis) scam­pers around near the chalets, for­ag­ing for food. The for­est floor is also home to a wealth of flora, such as gingers, be­go­nias, ges­ne­r­i­ads and aroids, and va­ri­eties of rat­tan and the Ix­ora genus. Palms, ferns, moss and lichen line the river’s edge and rocky gul­lies.

You do not have to be a botanist or zo­ol­o­gist to ap­pre­ci­ate the di­ver­sity of Ulu Temburong’s flora and fauna. All you need is a keen eye and a good pair of walk­ing boots to en­joy the in­cred­i­ble life forms and struc­tures that have evolved over mil­len­nia to pro­duce the di­verse for­est home we find in Brunei to­day.

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