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Due to over-ex­ploita­tion and il­le­gal col­lect­ing, a limit of three per­sons per house­hold is im­posed on cordy­ceps har­vest­ing

About 3000 BCE

ȑȑ­cock­fight­ing be­gins in Iran and spreads to Asia and the Middle East

ȑȑ­sume­rian king UrNammu writes the first le­gal code

18th cen­tury BCE

ȑȑk­ing Ham­murabi of Baby­lon is­sues the Code of Ham­murabi

14th cen­tury BCE

ȑȑthe Hit­tites of Hat­tusa write sim­i­lar sets of laws to the Baby­lo­ni­ans

10th cen­tury BCE

ȑȑthe Me­sopotamian em­pire falls into de­cline

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